Our Vision

Sustainable long term assistance and partnerships.


We are health care practitioners in the United States and Nicaragua who want to improve medical care in Nicaragua. 

  • Research into health care needs

  • Donations of medical equipment

  • Education for Nicaraguan practitioners in their country and also the United States

  • One week trips for American practitioners to assist in local hospitals and clinics


Partnerships are essential to any global health project. On every trip we focus on collaboration between the Nicaraguan and American participants.  We are constantly researching both needs in the health care systems as well as analyzing the impact of our interventions.  Although we focus on health care, our interventions vary according to the needs identified and results of our monitoring.  We are always focused on our long term goal of strong partnerships between our two countries so that we can continue to collaborate in improving the Nicaraguan health care system long into the future.

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Nathan Samras MD MPH
Executive Director