Improving health care in Nicaragua. 


Building partnerships for the sustainable development of health care projects.


Assistance in ultrasound

We help with the donation of ultrasound machines along with support for training.  We also study the effectiveness of the ultrasounds in order to help improve medical care in the clinics and hospitals.

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Assistance in medical care

Our volunteers assist local physicians and nurses with the diagnosis and treatment in the hospitals, clinics, and in the community.

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A key component to all trips are the lectures and bed-side teaching from the America participants to Nicaraguan participants, and visa versa.  

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Cross-cultural exchange

Our organization is both Nicaraguan and American, and every trip is an opportunity for all participants to learn about the culture and life in both countries.


Partners in the future of Nicaragua's health care.

We focus our efforts on creating long term partnerships between American and Nicaraguan providers and institutions.  Sustainability and mutual benefit is essential to everything we do.

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Annual Report

Dedicated to partner for change.

The passion to help is only the start.  All of our projects are carefully selected with the input from all participants, and then we carefully monitor the results so that we can maximize our impact.

The Nicaraguan Global Health partnership is constantly evolving and growing.  We are excited to tell you more, and get you involved!