Ultrasound implementation


Increasing Ultrasound Availability
Ultrasound has the potential to be a relatively low cost yet very effective tool to augment the physical exam in making treatment decisions


Our project has gathered data across many health care locations in Nicaragua, from large hospitals to remote clinic, that shows the benefit of ultrasound to make better informed diagnostic and management decisions for patients.  

We are currently donating ultrasounds that will be used in many clinical circumstances, from the ER to the ICU to the remote clinic, and with many types of patients from adults to pregnant women to pediatrics.  

We have already conducted trials for the ultrasound probes and devices at various locations in two areas of Nicaragua - Rivas province in the south and Jinotega province in the north - and we are developing partnerships with donor to increase this pilot program and continue to gain data to analyze their efficacy in a real-world clinical setting.  

We work closely with the Ministry of Health (MINSA) for these pilot programs and we work with Nicaraguan physicians who are our ultrasound champions at the various locations.